Redefining Your Office Space

5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces For A Productive Home Office

After months of working from home as the pandemic changed our lives and shifted our offices to our living room or bedroom, work from home is going to be pretty much permanent or last for quite some time now. So, to get the feel of an office environment and most importantly to enjoy the comfort of working from an office, where you would be spending most of your time, one has to revamp their home spaces.

Designing a workspace in your home that meets both comforts and serves your essential needs is a must-have. The vital things of creating an office space of your own should be proper infrastructure, ventilation, modern office furniture, and storage solutions. Bringing in the right setup and creating a professional nook of your own stands very important for corporate personnel, designers, content creators, writers, lawyers, managers, and business professionals.

The idea of having your own office space can be quite intriguing and to make this happen foundational furniture items can elevate the aesthetic look of your home office. Read on further to see the list of must-have items to make your office look super-stylish and extravagant.

The Right Desk

Office Desk

Your desk is the most obvious furniture piece you interact with on a daily basis while working from home, and finding the right one for you is an important task. At Artyz Office Furniture, you will come across a plethora of office table options with the best shape, size, and storage capacity to suit all your needs. Whether you require a big computer table that has enough space for your monitor and keyboard, or a small writing desk for your laptop and coffee mug, or a table with built-in drawers to give you enough room for storage and keep your desk clutter-free. A good desk can help you sort things and give you the daily inspiration of doing your work without getting tired.

Tip: On your tabletop, add a small planter and a photo frame from your favorite trip to motivate you when you feel dull during those long hours at work.

 A Comfortable Desk Chair

Office Chair

While at work, maintaining a good posture is extremely vital and for this, you need to have a desk chair that is comfy and sturdy. Especially if you are sitting in front of your computer for eight-hours during workdays, you will need a good chair to support your back and head. Some key features that you should consider while selecting the right kind of chair would be the one with lumbar support, swivels, or the one with casters to make it easily movable, armrests on the sides to rest your hands when you take a break, and of course the fabric.

Tip: Choose a computer table and a chair with contrasting colors that will make your work zone pop-out.

Proper Lighting

Home Office

One of the most important things that your home office needs are ample lighting. No matter the size of your office, the right amount of light can make your workspace look bright and inviting. Invest in a good task lamp with LED bulbs for your tabletop, in addition to overhead fixtures. This will shoot up those productivity levels during late-night meetings and work sessions, giving you a boost.

Tip: Buy a table lamp with adjustable brightness and low blue light content to keep your eyes stress free. 

Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets Kolkata

Make your home office look clutter-free and neat with the help of storage cabinets. These filing cabinets are quite effective and can give you a lot of space to store your accessories, paper works, books, documents, office supplies, and stationery items. The functionality of these cabinets goes beyond the stylish status quo of your modern and chic home office. They are in fact cost-effective and have a lot of space for your modern office storage solutions where you can stow away things easily.

Tip: Go for cabinets with wheels that have multiple drawers, where you can segregate your files, stationaries, and other office supplies.

Open Bookcases

Open Bookcases

On the contrary of serving as storage, tall and sleek bookcases can provide a stylish statement to your home office. You can décor the shelves with your favorite novels, planters, a collection of family photos, an abstract painting, an analog clock, and some curios that you enjoy looking at besides your computer screen. It makes the space look aesthetically pleasing, and not the usual dull office scene, that is only stacked with papers and files. Having an open bookcase is, therefore, a furniture staple in every home office which you can decorate as per your taste.

Tip: Keep a Buddha statue in your open bookcase as a depiction of peace and calmness.

As you would be spending most of your day here, add plenty of plants to your home office and stay close to nature. Lush and green surroundings helps to focus at work, and brings life and vibrancy to a home office. Choose a soothing color palette for your walls like soft blues, calming greens, warm nudes, or crisp whites, and decorate it with some inspirational quotes to get you through a hard day at work.

Also, choosing the right pieces of furniture can be quite a task and to help you figure out the right items for your home office Artyz Office Furniture showroom in Kolkata has all the modern office furniture and storage solutions, that will make you happy at work!

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