Redefining Your Office Space

5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces For A Productive Home Office

After months of working from home as the pandemic changed our lives and shifted our offices to our living room or bedroom, work from home is going to be pretty much permanent or last for quite some time now. So, to get the feel of an office environment and most importantly to enjoy the comfort […]

Chic Furniture Pieces You Should Get for Your Cafe Today!

In India, food is a popular business. People love food and this business is a great one to give wings to your dreams. When it comes to getting into the food business, opening a café is a wonderful idea. Cafés are a raging concept in the West and they’ve become a hot trend in India […]

Spruce up Your Office with Premium Setup

Office is a home away from home. Having a dedicated workspace allows you to set all distractions at bay and focus on your work. Therefore, it is important that the workspace is adequately designed so that people are motivated. Here are some aspects including office furniture in Kolkata which will help you understand that office […]

Things to Remember When Picking Out Furniture for Your Restaurant

Furniture has the power to make or break the game of your restaurant. Sometimes, even a small cafe in a lane gets popular amongst the people of the city only due to the aesthetics of their interior. Furniture plays a huge role in determining the vibe your restaurant is going to give. Choosing the appropriate […]

What Makes A Conference Table Great?

Well designed conferences rooms are as important as well designed Break rooms. After all, these are two places where most conversations take place. It is reportedly said that almost 35% of managers and employees spend their time in the conference room. This serves as an important reason why designers pay attention to conference room furniture […]

How to Pick Furniture for Office Break Room

Breaks are important and so are the places you spend them in. It is important to keep the comfort of your employees in mind when designing an office area and that includes a good and efficient Break room. It is more than just the room where employees sit to have their lunch. It is a […]

Revamp Your Workplace with Chic Modular Furniture Designs

Contemporary workplaces have come a long way. They’re nothing like what offices used to be a couple of years ago. Employees have become an important part of any organization and fortunately, they’re no longer treated like machines, expected to continue functioning in a mundane environment. As a matter of fact, the situation has taken a […]