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How to Pick Furniture for Office Break Room

Breaks are important and so are the places you spend them in. It is important to keep the comfort of your employees in mind when designing an office area and that includes a good and efficient Break room. It is more than just the room where employees sit to have their lunch. It is a space of relaxing and leaving your work worries behind for a bit and enjoy meals and conversations with your colleagues in-between a hectic day. A good break room is a balance between design and comfort. So if you have old rusted steel tables or vintage armchairs then it’s time to replace them with some fun modern office furniture!

Break room furniture should be picked keeping in mind their relaxing as well as an inspiring factor. We have put together a comprehensive list of furniture that works best in setting a vibe for the break room while also being useful. To know what they are, continue reading!

Couches for Comfort:

office sofa set
Image Credit: Drawzit 

Office couches are a necessary addition to your break room decor. While some people like to enjoy sitting at tables for meals, others like kicking it back on the couch during lunchtime to give a rest to their backs. Choosing an office couch has different parameters than choosing one for your home. Couches for homes are sometimes compromised in quality to keep the glamorous factor high. However, when deciding on an office couch which is sturdy and high in durability as it’s going to be used by a lot of people.

Dining Table:

dining table
Image Credit: Peak PX

The best place to sit with your colleagues and discuss things other than work bond with people from different departments. Dining tables are of three kinds, namely – standard height, counter height and bar height. Many companies like pepping up the look by combining two heights. If space allows, don’t forget to add some outdoor tables to eat. The main factor to keep in mind when choosing dining tables for a break room, remember they should be long and can occupy a lot of people at once. Also, remember to choose a texture that is easily cleanable such as marble or glass.

Coffee and End Tables:

coffee table
Image Credit: Wallpaper Flare

Nothing revitalizes your mind like a warm cup of tea or coffee during a break. Hence it is important to add cute coffee tables in the break room. Most of the amazing ideas cultivate over coffee. They are ideal companions for your designer office sofa set. Dedicate a cozy spot with end tables and a couple of magazines for introverted employees who would like to enjoy some time alone.

Cafe Chairs and Stools:

Cafe Chairs and Stools
Image Credit: Pxfuel

Sturdy and light-weight cafeteria chairs are must in every break room. How else will other people join in the conversation? These chairs usually have a simple style and are high in durability. Pick the ones which look good but also can be moved around easily. Some groups are bigger than the others you see?

Tip: Get a bright colour cafeteria chair to pep up the look.

Magazine Racks:

magazine rack for office
Image Credit: Pinterest

A rather smart addition to the break room for people who love reading. Placing a magazine rack will save time spent on decluttering and this way they look a lot more organized and neat rather than ruthlessly laying around the tables. The employees will know where to grab the copy of the morning paper or the latest edition of their favourite magazine from.

Lounge Seating:

lounge seating furniture
Image Credit: Knoll

An elegant lounge seating arrangement is the most ideal addition to break rooms. Including a centre table surrounded by classy lounge chairs to create a seating area for your employees can be a great way to make use of space. Ottoman, loveseats, club chairs and sofas all come under the category of Lounge seating. The market today is full of inexpensive yet designer looking lounge chairs and sofas. Pick the one you suit best with the ambience!

Storage Cabinets:

storage cabinets
Image Credit: Hitech Design

At first, you might want to skip this but believe us, it’s important! Since break rooms see a lot of crowds, there shall be a high requirement of storage spaces. Add Mobile storage carts and credenzas as they are your best option. In case you have a lot of employees on board, choose upper and lower cabinets.


Coat Racks:

coat hanger stand for office
Image Credit: Bene

Here is a smart addition for your break room. This single-handedly can elevate the vibe of the room without taking up a lot of space. It is also very useful. Most people find it uncomfortable to eat with their coats and jackets on and the risk of spilling food or beverage on them becomes another good reason to include this in the list of break room furniture. It is also perfect to hand caps, hats, umbrellas and even bags. Since the room is likely to see a lot of crowds, it’s recommended to keep it as tidy as possible.

These were a few items of furniture we suggest you consider when designing the break room of your office. However, don’t forget to add extra miscellaneous yet important items such as dustbins, mats, refrigerator, coffee machine and other such things. In case you want to further decorate the room to elevate the mood of it, try incorporating some pop of colour through frames, or acoustic marbles on the wall.

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