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Chic Furniture Pieces You Should Get for Your Cafe Today!

In India, food is a popular business. People love food and this business is a great one to give wings to your dreams. When it comes to getting into the food business, opening a café is a wonderful idea.

Cafés are a raging concept in the West and they’ve become a hot trend in India as well. Typically, a café serves warm beverages like, coffee and tea, along with finger-foods like, sandwiches, cookies and biscuits. But, today, cafés have got an upgrade. You’ll find live band performances, curated meal menus, games, books and more. Some of them also serve intoxicating concoctions besides the usual hot and cold beverages.

So, a café is a trendy place and if you’re thinking of opening one or renovating your café, you need to give it some serious thought. Besides the lights, music system and awesome food, you need snuggle, plush furniture pieces to create an ambiance to-die-for.

Here, take a look at some of the stylish-looking furniture pieces that you would want to get for your café.

Pro tip: Remember to pick furniture pieces in accordance with the overall theme, design and customer base of your café.

High Chairs with Elevated Tabletops for a Chic Feel

High Bar Chair

Today, cafés seem to be experimenting and exploring with the latest furniture trends. Café owners are embracing long or bar-style furniture pieces like, high bar chairs with elevated tabletops to lure the younger generation. This ultra-chic décor style is very famous among Gen Y and a great way to make them hang around for hours. To further augment the entire atmosphere, you can add a dash of vibrant hues.

But, on a serious note, high seaters are perfect for cafés that have narrow rectangular spaces.

Tub Armchairs for a Cozy Indoor Seating Arrangement

Tub Armchair

Tub armchairs are specially crafted for indoor environments. These chairs kill space congestion that have narrow ceilings and give a cozy, comfortable feel. You can combine these chairs with jaunty tables that are carved out of timber woods to enhance your café’s interior. Based on the overall design of your café, you can choose from varied types of armchairs made from myriad materials, ranging from woods to metals.

Industrial Style Table for a Rustic, Cool Appearance

Industrial Coffee Table

The set of chairs and tables are the highlights of any café furniture. You can reflect the myriad innovative ideas through the furniture pieces that you use. Those pieces can promote both space aesthetics and functionality. As a café owner, you have the liberty to curate your individual, unique industrial flavor by using industrial style tables. These tables come with long legs and perfectly suit snazzy corners and dinner themes. You can spruce up the look by pairing it with a voguish bora chair or tolix chair.

Tolix Chairs and Stools – Comfortable, Durable and Vibrant!

Tolix Chair

Cafés nowadays are decorated with tolix chairs and stools because they’re vibrant and add color to the overall ambiance. They’re also comfortable and sturdy. These chairs have a plush blend of hues and style that goes great when teamed up with a retro or vintage style café table, or distressed coffee table. The chairs come in exquisite designs and sure to attract your customers with their homely aura.

But, when it comes to creating a homely environment with chill vibes, you can also use ottoman chairs. These also come in vibrant hues, they’re comfortable and can be used in combination with tolix chairs.

Benches and Booths for Maximizing Seating

Booth Bench Seating

For cafés with premium spacing opportunity, bench or booth seating arrangements is a fantastic idea. Generally, the booth type seating is upholstered. This means that you can customize the fabric of the material and the color as per your choice to boost the ambiance of the café. In the bench-style seating arrangement, the standard choice is vinyl because it is easy to clean and maintain.

Both of these seating arrangements can be placed back to back. It can be configured along the wall. Or, you can place it lengthwise, along with chairs and tables placed in front of it.

Parisian Chairs for a Chic, Ultra-Cool Vibe

Besides the Eiffel Tower, Paris is known for its cafés. If you visit Paris, you’ll be surprised to find Parisians sitting undisturbed for hours at the cafés. Most cafés there have an outdoor seating area and the Parisian chairs have evolved throughout the pavements of the ‘City of Light’.

The Parisian chairs are exquisite. They’re charming and fashionable, and functional. These chairs are typically made of bamboo frames. The backside of these chairs is woven from organic materials like, willow, cane, reeds and seagrass. You’ll also find modern-day Parisian chairs made from aluminum and other metals, and the backside is braided from texteline or nylon.

These chairs would be a natural fit for your café for their style, comfort and subsistence.

Outdoor Chairs

Today, the seating arrangement of cafés is not limited to just indoor venues with a modern chair and ottoman. Many modern, chic cafés are opting for cozy outdoor seating to offer caffeine fix and serve food buffs. This opens up a new world of snacking experience where customers can observe their surroundings while enjoying a sandwich, tea/coffee or a drink. You can choose outdoor furniture pieces according to the exterior surroundings. Play with fabrics, colors and styles to give your café a peppy, fun vibe.

Since the furniture pieces will be placed outside, upholstery and material must play a key role. Your outdoor furniture should be able to resist damage and prevent fading, corrosion and rusting from weather alterations. Some materials that are great for outdoor settings include wood, wrought iron, aluminum, steel, ABS, synthetic resin wicker and plastic.

Refreshing or opening your café? It is a competitive landscape and the only way to lure customers is by giving them something that no one else does. Along with innovative and elaborate food & drinks menu, the right design and chic furniture places can make your café the new ‘hip place’ in town.

For more inspiration, visit the furniture showroom and take a look at the stunning options available to you.

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