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School Furniture: the Backbone of Every Classroom!

One thing that is common across all cultures across the world is the importance of education. Needless to say, schools have played a crucial role in this regard, being the hallowed institutions of deep learning. Schools have, since time immemorial, been the driving force behind pretty much the entirety of societal advancement. 

That being said, classrooms are the places where the academic, social, personal and intellectual development of children take place. Classrooms are places where students and teachers interact and learning is imparted, they are also places where friendships are created and built. 

Classrooms, therefore, are multifunctional spaces where students and teachers spend a large amount of time. So, the classroom ambience, infrastructure, design and furniture are also integral parts of that overall experience. 

Having the right kind of furniture is extremely important because both students and teachers need to be comfortable, so if you are looking for a place to buy desks and chairs and other classroom fixtures, there are several high quality manufacturers of school furniture Kolkata has to offer. But before we get to school furniture manufacturers, let’s discuss a bit about school furniture. 

Arguably, the two most important components of school furniture that come to mind are the teacher’s desk and the students’ desks. But, practically speaking, there’s a lot more that goes into making a classroom a fully functional and appealing learning space. As this article from Medium aptly states, “classroom furniture is a very essential thing for both the teacher and the students to be comfortable throughout the day in school.”

So, without further ado, let’s come to the various pieces of furniture that make a complete classroom: 

The Teacher’s Desk

The teacher’s desk is essentially what functions as a workstation for the teacher. Therefore, it is important that the teacher’s desk is both comfortable and functional. It should be spacious enough and must have enough space to store necessary items such as chalk, pens, whiteboard markers, books, attendance registers and even test papers. A desk that fulfils all storage and comfort needs of the teacher while making accessing said items easy is an ideal teacher’s desk.

The Student’s Desk

Desk and Chair Set for Students

Just like with the teacher’s desk, the student’s desk is what functions as the workstation for students. The desks that students use must be spacious enough for undisrupted use, and need to likewise fulfil both comfort and functional requirements of students such that they are able to access whatever items they store in them, such as books, items of stationery such as pens, pencils, rulers, and any other items that they may be requiring during their classes.

However, it should also be noted that the desks for students must be selected on the basis of their age group. The younger students will need a different type of desk compared to what older students would require, naturally, as children grow during their years in school. Needless to say, all student desks need to be such that students feel comfortable in class and are able to pay attention to lessons being taught.



The topic of chairs is a no-brainer, but it cannot be stressed enough that when selecting chairs or installing classroom seating, comfort must be a top priority as both teachers and students will be spending significant periods of time sitting on them. The chairs need to be proportionate to the desks and must also be at a suitable height so that they can be used without any undue physical exertion or discomfort. 


Classroom Bookshelves

One of the more overlooked and underrated items of classroom furniture, having shelves in a classroom increases the overall space available for storage and even for display. Shelves can be used to keep a variety of objects, ranging from books to stationery to teaching aids to even decorative pieces. Shelves are versatile, and can be used by both students and teachers. 

Storage Units

School Storage Units

Storage units such as cupboards, cabinets and even lockers, which are considered by many to be outdated or old-fashioned, are very practical items of classroom furniture as both teachers and students can use them for safekeeping. All these pieces of furniture help in reducing clutter and keeping things organised and also prevents important classroom items from getting misplaced or stolen. These storage units can also be used for keeping essentials such as backup stocks of chalk, whiteboard markers, pens and even notebooks. 

These are the most commonly seen items of furniture that are seen in every classroom. However, in recent years, we have seen some significant changes in the way education is imparted, with more and more classrooms becoming comprehensive and interactive learning environments. Technology has played an important role in this development as schools are increasingly equipping classrooms with high tech educational systems. 

In keeping with this trend, classroom furniture too has evolved. The focus has shifted from traditional fixed student chairs and desks to movable chairs and tables, enabling students to move around more freely, form groups as required for team projects and groupwork, and even rearrange the seating layout in classrooms if necessary. 

Even in physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs, modern furniture that provides utility as well as aesthetic appeal help to make such labs truly state of the art, keeping safety and durability firmly in mind. 

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