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Things to Remember When Picking Out Furniture for Your Restaurant

Furniture has the power to make or break the game of your restaurant. Sometimes, even a small cafe in a lane gets popular amongst the people of the city only due to the aesthetics of their interior. Furniture plays a huge role in determining the vibe your restaurant is going to give.

Choosing the appropriate furniture which blends well with the rest of the aspects for your business such as the theme, idea, niche and most importantly budget, can be intimidating.

So to keep you from getting overwhelmed by tons of ideas present online,  we have narrowed it down for you to make the decoration process a lot easier.

Here are some things to Remember When Picking Out Furniture For Your Restaurant:

  • Look and Overall Feel of the Brand and Space

restaurant concept and brand

Always remember what you intend on communicating with your diners. Would you choose the sleek with modern look or the rustic and homely appeal? Identifying this makes your decoration process a seamless experience.

  • Finishing

restaurant furniture design ideas

Manufacturers come up with multiple finish options for furniture lines based on your likings. It can vary from a buffet of wood stains to an array of multiple powder coat colour, keeping in mind your restaurant’s vibe. You can go for the regular standard offering, but indulging in the add-on cost would not only stand out but also express your restaurant’s feel more vividly. Each finish, even though of the same chair, provides a different feeling to the space.

  • Durability

restaurant furniture

When you are talking about durability, you are really talking about your cost. The first and foremost thing that you should think of while picking out your restaurant furniture is the number of guests that you are expecting to serve. Then comes your frequency of turnover and the amount of wear and tear the furniture will go through over the years.

  • Comfort

lounge furniture

It is important for you to identify how long your guests are going to be staying in your space. If your place of business is a fast and casual joint serving small dishes with coffee, your ideal turnover would be quick. In such cases you could opt for fancy lounge chairs which are comfortable to sit on for a smaller time period with small coffee tables. On the other hand, for fine dining restaurants which serve three course meals you should ideally choose upholstered items from luxury furniture stores in Kolkata to lure your customer with comfort into ordering that second glass of wine.

  • Functionality

While choosing from the options for furnitures, make sure to choose not only on the basis of the looks but also based on its functionality. A high bar chair shall look appealing at the bar counter but it would most definitely be uncomfortable to go through with a three course sitting on it. A small and cramped up space can also be a great restaurant provided it has functionality as one of its key elements.

  • Immediate or Long Term Cost

Building your own restaurant comes with a lot of tricky decision making situations. Questions like these need to be cleared out in the planning stages, to avoid further discrepancies in the working of  the restaurant. When the price of a lounge chair is too good to be true, you need to realize that the makers must have compromised on something  to achieve that particular price module. Would you take up the immediate cost in your hand and frequently keep changing your items or would you rather focus on the long term/life cycle cost and spend more upfront on a more durable and long lasting product, thereby spending less on your maintenance and repairs over the years.

Bonus point!

You don’t have to look elsewhere. Here are some ideas on cafe and restaurant decor that are trending!

  • Message Wall

Pick out a wall from your space just for feedback or even anonymous messages. A soft board with post-its is all that goes behind this particular wall. It not only interests new customers when they walk in, but also generates a sense of attachment for the writers who share their thoughts on that particular wall.

  • Music Artists

Live music is never a wrong choice for restaurants. You would obviously need to keep in mind if the genre of the artist you’ve picked goes hand in hand with your aesthetics, but once you’ve nailed that, it will always be hit.

  • Dedicated Theme

It is known that themed restaurants often go overboard with their stand, which need not be the case always. Try to stand out when you are picking your theme by choosing something that isn’t trending. Trends will look outdated after a few years. Choose something timeless and elegant, aesthetics which remain pleasing to the eye even after years passing by.

  • Open Space

Make use of open spaces. If the insides get too cramped up for moving around, use outdoor spaces. Outdoor seating arrangements require higher levels of synchronization and functionality among the staff members, which you’d need to keep in mind. However, seating facilities beyond the four walls of the restaurant tend to be popular among the frequent diners.

  • Minimalist and Chic

The vibe created by less-is-more is always right. Clean lines, natural materials and a simple color scheme is all you need to achieve the minimalist and chic look that you are thriving for. However going simple requires ultimate perfectionery because every little detail would be visible to your diners.

  • Recycled Stuff

Recycling always goes a long way in terms of environmental friendliness and customer attraction. With modern recycled substitutes coming up for every product possible, a restaurant could function equally well if not better relying on reusable or recycled products. This not only cuts your cost in the long run by a substantial amount, it also reduces your carbon footprints.

  • Go Gaga with Lighting!

Good lighting not only allows visibility for your staff and customers, it creates an ambience and atmosphere too. While picking out your mood lighting, make sure you consider fire safety hazards and energy efficiency primarily. Think about the type of environment you want to create for your guests, and choose similar warm or cool tones for lighting. You could also opt for denser spotlights if you want your food to be a hit on the ‘gram.

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