Redefining Your Office Space

Want to Create a Modern Workspace? Here are 5 Tips to Get Started

Regardless of whether you are looking to design a modern workspace from scratch or refurbish your existing office, it can be extremely difficult and overwhelming to know where to start. There are so many options and choices at your disposal that it just cannot be easy to pick. With so many office styles available or you are simply looking to tweak a few details, making the right choice can be a challenging task. 

But, office renovation and improvements are always a good start, especially since times are changing so fast. In today’s digital world, the traditional ways of conducting business are getting too old too fast. To run a successful business, you need to be in tune with modern times. Your workplace cannot look outdated because 75% of the global workforce is going to be dominated by the millennials and they want modern work environments with smart office layouts. Millennials look for companies or organizations to work for that provide a trendy, productive, and creative work environment. 

To help you get started, here are a few suggestions and tips on how you can revamp your office interiors to be in sync with modern times. 

Open spaces are great, but also think of variety

Office interiors used to be all about cubicles and workstations. But, with so much going on, the office risked looking stuffed and cramped. Millennials don’t like to work in stuffy places. They like open spaces and you can consider an open design layout for your office. You can knock down the partitions, rearrange the desk layout and dismantle individual cubes. An open office allows employees to collaborate, brainstorm and come up with better ideas. You can check out modern office furniture in Kolkata that reinforces the feeling of openness with comfort. 

However, just creating open spaces is not enough. You also need to come up with variety. For instance, your office interiors can have separate spaces for conducting team meetings, brainstorming, social spaces for collaboration, and so on. You can also dedicate a corner to ‘thinking’ that your employees can utilize when they require a bit of peace. 

Make no compromise with break-out rooms 

Modern workspaces are much more than rooms filled with workstations, laptops, and desktops. Employees need time to break away from the office environment and have a creative space where they can refresh their minds and mood. A break-out space doesn’t necessarily have to be a place where employees eat lunch and chill out, but it can be utilized as a place where employees can brainstorm and collaborate away from their desks. 

The best part about break-out rooms is that you can design them according to your wish. There isn’t any fixed rule or design that you have to follow. It just has to be a room that facilitates relaxation and creates an environment where employees can engage in meaningful conversations. You can place lounge chairs, bean bags, and mini-conference tables in the break-out room so that the productivity of your employees can be enhanced. 

Don’t ignore the reception area of your office 

Most people are so focused on improving the work areas in the office that they forget about the reception area. But, this is the area that is responsible for first impressions. You cannot ignore this space. The reception area has to be furnished properly so that it speaks volumes about your brand, work culture, and environment. You can place a modern reception table for your receptionist to handle customers, clients, and interested candidates who might become your employees. Also, you need to get an ergonomic chair for your receptionist so that answering calls and attending to the needs of the visitors is not exhausting. 

You can also place a comfortable sofa, chaise lounge chairs, and other such comfortable furniture to lure your visitors. This is the entry to your office and it is mandatory that the reception area makes a good impression.

Add mood-lifting elements to the décor of your office 

So, you’ve got the right chairs, tables, and equipment for your office. Now you have to turn your attention toward adding certain mood-boosting elements so that your office appears to have a warm, positive and productive working environment. You can add plants and place them on each table or by the door. You can even arrange for office pets that will help to relieve the tension and stress of your employees when they are under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines. 

Pay attention to the lighting 

Your employees cannot work properly if they cannot see properly. So, you need to improve the lighting of your office. Poor lighting is going to cause stress, fatigue, and eye strain. If it is possible, try to get in as much natural light as possible. But, if that isn’t feasible, you can install direct lighting above the modern office tablet hat you have installed. You can also make use of indirect lighting to make the entire office appear bright and cheerful. 

As an extra tip, you can also consider painting the walls of your office. You can dedicate one wall to artwork and hang pictures that motivate employees. You can also use creative wallpaper to make one wall stand out from the rest. The ceiling can also be colored or painted creatively so that when employees enter the office, they feel positive and pumped to work. also, don’t forget to get a modern conference table that will make meetings energetic and fun. 

So, these are a few tips to help you design a modern workplace that will attract the millennials and make sure that they are always productive. All the best!

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