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What Makes A Conference Table Great?

Well designed conferences rooms are as important as well designed Break rooms. After all, these are two places where most conversations take place. It is reportedly said that almost 35% of managers and employees spend their time in the conference room. This serves as an important reason why designers pay attention to conference room furniture when decorating an office area. With the changing times, the way conference tables are crafted have also changed. The modern day furnishing trends do not believe in having huge and bulky conference tables in the room. Instead people have been switching to more durable yet stylish designs. A perfect conference table gives the liberty to employees and managers to sit together and discuss ideas in harmony and it also helps ground the room. Also surprisingly, a lot of people are under the impression that luxury office furniture is always expensive but that’s hardly true. You just need to have good knowledge of furniture before picking them. It’s ok if you have not chosen executive office furniture before. We have accumulated a list of things you need to keep in mind before picking up the perfect conference table for your meeting room. To know what these tips are, continue reading!

Size Of The Room

room size

The most important thing to consider when picking out a conference table for your meeting room is the size of the room in which it shall be placed. Make sure there is enough space left around the table for free movements and that the chairs are not too compressed or stuck to each other. Also keep in mind that the windows and doors are easily accessible after the placement of the table. No part of the room should be blocked.

Shape Of Your Meeting

conference table

While offices believe in maintaining hierarchy, others believe in meeting on an equal ground. Usually it is the big corporate offices that go ahead with long rectangular tables where the manager or boss sits at the head of the table followed by the other employees based on their ranks. Small or budding companies stick to a seating arrangement where the table is circular and everyone can face each other and discuss ideas. This creates an environment of unity and promotes creativity in people. Good collaborations require eye contact and all inclusive conversations. Round tables are also ideal for small spaces which have been turned into meeting rooms. These tables come in various trendy designs and are great for meetings that do not require the attention to be focused on one specific person.

Seating Capacity

conference table seating capacity

It is important to determine the available space in the room to determine how many chairs can be added to the office conference table. You may also want to think about the modern office chair which complements the table perfectly. It is often suggested to always purchase a few extra chairs just in case your team enlarges. Don’t forget to give your employees ample elbow room and make sure they aren’t congested. Remember, people work best when they are comfortable.

Power Sources

conference table power hub

Meeting rooms usually have a lot of devices being used in them. While the phone remains in silent mode, laptops and projectors are a necessity for presentations. You have to keep in mind to choose the conference room table which is big enough for everyone to have access to their nearby plug points. Think before the placement of plugs and other objects present in the room before picking up the conference room table. You don’t want to get stuck in the tanglement of cords. It really takes up a lot of time.

Less Divisive

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Not all companies require long conference tables. Keep the strength of employees in mind before choosing the table. Picking up a ridiculously long table for a small group of people can adversely affect the intimacy of teamwork and will also have people screaming across the table to communicate. For a small meeting room, consider picking up a table that matches. It doesn’t matter if it’s circular or square, it needs to be a perfect balance of spacious yet intimate.

Designs And Aesthetics

modern conference table design

When choosing a conference room table, keep in mind the impact it will have on the aesthetics of the room. For example, taking a vintage style table for a room with quirky art and bright colours will definitely feel off. If the meeting room has more of a sophisticated formal vibe, then settle for modern day office furnitures. They’re sleek and elegant and usually have a contemporary colour theme which often blends with all the other furniture in the room. It is also easy to find the perfect set of matching chairs. If the meeting room has bright coloured walls and interesting accessories such as lights or art then go for more trendy furniture. The market today is full of varieties and options to choose from. You can definitely find something which compliments the aesthetics of the room.


This point might be placed at the end of the list but is actually extremely important. Budget plays a crucial role when making a purchase. Office furniture shopping can be particularly expensive if you don’t set a limited budget beforehand. While a conference room table is an important purchase, it is not the only one. So you cannot spend all your money on buying the perfect looking conference room table. Divide the money and plan set a budget of how much you’re willing to spend on each executive office furniture.

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