Redefining Your Office Space

7 Indispensable Furniture Pieces for Every Modern Office

Everyone will almost readily agree that furniture forms the backbone of any living space, whether residential, commercial, official or recreational. Furniture is what gives such a space a proper layout and structure, and serves some very important functions as well.

From office chairs to office tables, furniture plays a very integral role in any work environment. In a modern day office, furniture pieces are used for numerous purposes, such as for sitting, storage, working, display, eating and even relaxation! Suffice it to say that literally no work can get done in a workspace without furniture.

It has been said that the average person will spend anywhere between 21% and 35% of their lifetime in the workplace. That is a significant amount of time that a person spends in a working environment, regardless of whether they are an employee or a manager.

That being said, it is important to take this statistic into consideration when setting up or designing an office space. The kind of environment that an organisation creates will have a direct effect on how its workforce – across all levels of its organisational hierarchy – performs. In other words, creating a work environment that people will want to invest such a significant and sizable chunk of their lifetime into has become crucial in today’s hypercompetitive and highly dynamic business world.

An office space should not be thought of as an environment where people just work and work nonstop. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So, an organisation needs to provide facilities to their employees that don’t just make doing work possible without a hassle, but which also enable them to relax and feel good about the work they do.

Which, therefore, brings us to the importance of modern office furniture. By having the right kind of furniture in the workplace, it will help all members of the organisation perform their tasks better, improve efficiency and overall productivity, and above all, enjoy their jobs. So, one can say that finding the best office cabinet and office table manufacturer is crucial for any designer of an office space.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the most important and valued pieces of furniture that every modern workspace needs.

  1. Work Chairs

The average member of a company’s workforce spends the overwhelming majority of their day in a sitting position. Keeping in mind the sheer number of hours that a person spends seated, it becomes important to provide seating facilities that are comfortable and conducive to the performance of one’s duties at the workplace. The selection that one makes with regard to office chairs will have a direct impact on an employee’s performance, contentment at work, and overall satisfaction with the job.

  1. Desks and Tables

Desks and tables are the surfaces on which people do their work. Even though some may argue that work has gone electronic and people conduct business transactions through computers, these computers eventually need a surface to sit on, and desks and tables provide precisely that surface. Needless to say, the table or desk surface is one of the most important features of any office, as people need space to keep papers, stationery, and several other items that are required to be kept handy for use whenever needed.

  1. Reception Furniture

The reception area is where customers, business partners, visitors and even potential employees get their first look of the office and form their first impressions of the organisation. A smart, sleek and stylish reception desk, along with a comfortable seating such as sofas and cushioned chairs in the waiting area will create a welcoming ambience. This will make visitors feel relaxed and will create a favourable initial impression of the organisation. The reception area, one can say, is like the business card of the manager.

  1. Storage Facilities

One of the most important, yet very often overlooked elements of office furniture is the availability of ample storage space. Not only is there a vast amount of papers and documents, but also several other items that are used on a daily basis such as stationery and other supplies, samples and cleaning equipment. As all these items are vital to the proper functioning of the business, they all need to be stored appropriately. Cabinets, cupboards, closets and safes fulfil this purpose by keeping all important items and documents safe, secure and protected from damage.

  1. Cafeteria/Canteen Furniture

Just as employees need to be comfortable while they work, it is also important to make sure that they are able to sit without discomfort during their lunch and tea or coffee breaks. Having good quality furniture in the office cafeteria or canteen will make employees feel that they are given a facility where they can interact with one another during their breaks. This furniture, however, serves a functional purpose and therefore can be pretty basic.

  1. Free Standing Shelves

Even with cabinets and cupboards, there is bound to be a recurring requirement of the items that are needed on a daily basis. Free standing shelves fulfil the role as they do not take up much space and can be accommodated in corners as well. By using free standing shelves, it conserves space in the cabinets for more important documents and paperwork. Shelves can be moved around easily, and their positions adjusted as required, making them versatile and highly flexible.

  1. Lounge Chairs

Nowadays, an increasing number of organisations encourage a more relaxed and casual work culture. Having comfortable seating such as lounge chairs in specific parts of the office will provide spaces for employees to take breaks. This will contribute to greater employee satisfaction, and in turn, higher productivity, as employees will feel that the organisation encourages them to enjoy their work. This kind of seating area can also be used to conduct meetings in a casual and informal manner.

In view of the above, one can say that office furniture not only serves functional purposes, but aesthetic purposes as well. They help to create an overall atmosphere that is conducive to getting work done while also making employees feel welcome and comfortable. The modular office workstation is also gaining rapid popularity and it too is worth considering. Artyz Office Furniture is one of the leading office furniture dealers Kolkata has to offer, with a vast selection of premium furniture pieces that are perfect for any workspace. Specialising in giving offices a classy and modern look, Artyz Office Furniture is your one stop solution for office interior design!

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