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Deck Up Your Office Space with Ottomans!

Ottomans have been an extremely popular piece of furniture for centuries. In very simple terms, an ottoman is a piece of furniture that generally has no back or an arm. They may be a low couch that is upholstered or a smaller seat that is cushioned which is used as a table, or as a stool or a footstool. They may even have a hollow inside in which personal items may be stored, such as linen, books, magazines or any other small sized objects which may fit inside. In such ottomans, the seat forms a lid for the storage space. 

But Why are Ottomans called Ottomans?

Ottoman Chair

To understand the origins of this rather interesting name, let’s revisit history. Long before ottomans became a popular piece of furniture in modern households, being used in bedrooms, living rooms, as dressing tables or even as a form of flexible seating, they were already in widespread use in what is presently known as Turkey. 

The name ‘ottoman’ comes from the name of the Ottoman Empire, as it was during the time of the said empire that a padded, upholstered seat or a bench that did not have a back or arms were widely used. Back in those days, these seating pieces were wrapped around three walls of a room. These pieces of furniture were heaped with cushions, and were the main furniture pieces used for sitting in people’s homes. 

However, it was only in the 18th century that ottomans were introduced to Europe, where the name for the furniture piece was derived from its region of origin, and the name has stuck on ever since.

Over time, the design and shape of the ottoman as we know it today continued to evolve from large pieces of sectional furniture to more compact and versatile pieces of furniture that can add more than just a touch of variety to any modern living space. 

Nowadays, ottoman chair combinations are highly popular as they serve as an accessory or a coordinating piece with a chair. They are often sold along with armchairs and sofas as an accompaniment to enhance their overall appeal and charm. 

Ottomans are known by other names in different parts of the world, notably as a footstool, tuffet, hassock, pouf (which is sometimes spelled pouffe) or as a humpty.

In today’s modern world where homeowners and office space designers alike are a lot more experimental and open to new furniture designs and layouts, ottomans are without doubt an invaluable addition to any space. Whether it is placed in a lounge area in an office or in a plush executive room, an ottoman is sure to enhance the overall aesthetic. 

In this blog, We Look at Some of The Ways in Which an Ottoman Can Come in Useful as More Than Just an Accessory:

  • Impromptu Seating

Office Furniture Ottomans

Ottomans by their very nature can easily double up as additional seating should the need arise at any time. Very often in offices there are large meetings or events where extra seating is required to supplement the existing sofas, chairs and couches. Ottomans serve that purpose very effectively as they are lightweight, compact, soft and padded, making them comfortable for people to sit on. Additionally, they can also be stylish and classy add-ons to any living space, adding aesthetic appeal in addition to being functional. 

  • Makeshift Tables

Ottoman Stool

Just like how ottomans can be used as compact and portable seating, they can also easily be used as makeshift tables. Quite often there is a shortage of table space, and thus extra tables become required. In such situations, ottomans serve as an ideal work surface that is perfect for keeping things like files, laptops, notebooks, or any other paraphernalia. If you like to keep reading materials such as newspapers, magazines and books in your office lounge area then ottomans are an excellent accessory on which you can put them on display for people to read. 

  • Footstools 



Sometimes it is tempting to put your feet up and sit in a more comfortable and relaxed position, especially after sitting at your desk for a long time without any significant physical movement. Even as organisations try their best to discourage such practices in their office spaces, times are changing and so are attitudes. An increasing number of companies around the world are adopting a more lenient and less formal approach to work environments, and are embracing a relatively more casual work culture. Ottomans can serve as the perfect footrest in an office. 

  • Storage Space

Ottoman with Storage

Ottomans may be compact, but those that have a hollow inside with the seat functioning as a lid are excellent furniture pieces in which you can store various items, such as books, small sized computer accessories, stationery, calculators and virtually any other item that can fit inside. One can say that ottomans, in their own little way, help to reduce clutter and act as a storage space to keep things safe and secure.

  • Inspiring Creativity

Ottoman in Kolkata Office

Ottomans are highly versatile pieces of furniture. They can be added to any office or home environment as an item that not only serves functional purposes but also adds on to the overall visual and aesthetic value of any space. They can be used to contrast from the rest of the furniture in a room and a set of ottomans arranged in a particular configuration can even create a focal point in the room. In other words, ottomans can truly spice up and add colour and vibrance to whichever room you add them to. 

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