Redefining Your Office Space

How often should offices be redesigned? Find out!

A clean, fresh slate is a thrilling prospect. But, starting something new is not always a walk in the park, especially if it involves giving your office a makeover. Space, as observed by Curt Steinhorst, has a monumental influence on people’s ability to focus. When space is rendered poorly, the light, acoustics, and design of an office, for instance, can guarantee constant interruptions and distractions.

Curt’s theory is seconded by IWBITM (International WELL Being InstituteTM) as it says that the general layout of the interior of an office can notably impact staff satisfaction, productivity, well-being, and health. An alluring office space design offers numerous advantages to employees and employers, along with sending the right message to the company’s clients.

However, as mentioned, redesigning an office is not a piece of cake. It involves careful consideration of how best to use the budget and available space to get the most out of an office makeover project. This is why people wonder how often they should redesign their office space.

While it cannot be said that office redesign falls under the category that requires changes at routine intervals like, trips to the dentist, employers or managers need to think in terms of how long it has been since the office was last redesigned. Also, it is crucial to look for signs that say ‘it’s time to redesign’.

Office Redesign: Signs That Say It’s Time

Factors like, budget and space availability is going to affect your decision-making regarding renovating your workplace. However, there are a few blatant signs that you cannot miss. Take a look at the signs that say it’s time to get new office furniture in Kolkata or give a total makeover to the office layout.

  • Attracting and Retaining Talent is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

Workplace perks are not limited to snacks, free coffee, and things like that. Your office space in its entirety should appeal to your employees. After all, work is such an enormous part of people’s lives that it is only natural for employees to want to enjoy themselves while they’re working. This is why people have a tendency to be drawn toward workplace environments that inspire them and keep them engaged. A drab office interior is going to quickly drain out your employees and also make it difficult to find new talent. When this happens, be sure to take a long, hard look at your office design and make the necessary changes.

  • Your Office Space is Outdated

This is the most obvious reason to renovate your office space. If your office has outdated office furniture, no real elements of the interior, and no natural light, you need to give your workplace an immediate facelift. There are a few ways to modernize your workspace:

  • Get new office furniture, such as a modern office chair that is designed ergonomically and styled fashionably, a multi-purpose desk, a leather sofa for comfort, and so on
  • Revamp the place by getting new office equipment like new computers
  • Redo the office layout and lean toward a more open concept with private workstations
  • Let in natural light to boost the morale of your staff

These little, yet significant changes can greatly improve the design of your office.

  • Brand Image is Not Being Reflected through Your Office Design

When someone visits your office, you would want that person to leave with a good impression of your workplace. As such, a well-designed office space should reflect the brand image of the company. The moment a person enters your office, he/she should instantly get a feel of your company’s culture and brand. For instance, if you are running an advertising or marketing company, your office space should be fun, casual, and encourage creativity. It shouldn’t just have formal executive chairs, but also a mix of fun furniture pieces in bright, bold colors and trendy designs. This is going to go a long way in boosting the morale of the employees and inspiring them to do good work. It is also going to impress clients. For this, you should start by getting a modern reception table and comfortable sofas for the reception area as that’s the first place your clients will see.

  • Your Company is Growing and Evolving

It might be that your current office has worked fine at one point in time, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll continue to be right for you. If your company is evolving and you’re growing, your office design also needs to evolve. For instance, if you’re adding new people to your team, you need to make an honest evaluation of the space available. You might have to move things around or even change the layout so that space can be used efficiently. Also, you might have to change the office furniture so that you can get modern furniture that is trendy and can grow with your company. This will ensure that your office space doesn’t feel cluttered. You could consider investing in customized office sofa sets to make your office more welcoming and apt for Gen Z.

  • You Wish to Boost the Productivity of Your Employees

There is a range of factors that shape employee productivity and office design are at the top of that list. If an office layout is boring and drab, it will not give the employees the support they need to do their jobs efficiently. With time, employee inefficiencies are going to add up quickly and before you know it, your company might be facing huge losses. If you find that your team isn’t as productive as you would like them to be, considering an office redesign might be worthwhile. Even simple changes like adding an executive office table, getting new office chairs or a new storage cabinet might do wonders.

Whether there are glaring signs that your office needs a facelift or you’re just bored of the current design and crave change, you must get the right office furniture. Employees spend 35 hours a week at work on average, and therefore, get the furniture right first before moving onto the other design elements.

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