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Selecting the Best Hostel Room Furniture Can Make all the Difference!

Some of us may have stayed at a hostel at some point or the other. But even for those of us who have not had the experience of staying in a hostel, this form of accommodation is not a new concept. 

Hostels are a form of low cost accommodation that is usually shared. Typically, this form of lodging is short term where guests pay for the bed, and sometimes meals may be included in the monthly, weekly or daily rent too. Hostel rooms can be both same sex as well as mixed sex, and may have private or shared bathrooms. Sometimes hostels offer private rooms as well, but a key criterion for hostels is that they need to offer dormitories for the establishment to be validly considered a hostel. 

Hostels are especially popular among the student community, and students typically either return to their homes for the weekend or during their vacations. Students who attend school and college in locations away from their hometowns need a safe, secure and comfortable place to stay, at an affordable price. Hostels are also popular among students whose houses are in the same city but want to avoid the hassle of long commutes every day. 

For students staying in a hostel, they learn to become self-sufficient, independent and they understand the value of coexistence and cooperation. Hostels provide students with a comfortable and informal environment where they get to interact with other students from vastly different backgrounds, which facilitates the creation of friendships, many of which grow to become lasting ones. Hostels, being accommodations that provide safety and security essentially double up as a ‘home away from home’. 

However, one of the most important aspects of making this kind of accommodation attractive and comfortable for students is the kind of hostel room furniture that rooms are outfitted with. Students in high school or in college or university are on tight budgets, and they look for accommodation that is not just cheap but also safe. Needless to say, parents too look for a safe and comfortable establishment in which they can trust their children to stay, and furniture, no doubt, plays an important role in their hostel selection process. 

So, if you are the owner of a hostel and are seeking to attract more students to your property, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when selecting hostel furniture:

  • Comfort

Comfortable Hostel Beds

Needless to say, this is the most important factor to keep in mind when selecting hostel room furniture. For any form of paid accommodation, comfort is the foremost aspect that people look for and form the strongest opinions on. A good night’s sleep is what matters the most to anyone in any form of accommodation, along with comfortable seating. Therefore it is important to select beds, chairs and other types of seating that help to make students feel satisfied and well-rested.  

  • Compatibility

Hostel Furniture

The furniture that is selected for the hostel room or dormitory must be compatible with the room layout, design as well as decor. People will not feel very happy to see furniture that does not match well with the design aesthetics, or if the furniture design is out of place in relation to the room ambience. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that furniture should be compatible with the layout and overall aesthetic of the room, which will help to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere for students.

  • Size

Dormitory Bed

An equally crucial factor to consider when selecting furniture for a hostel room is the size of furniture pieces. Not all rooms are the same size, and it may be required to outfit different rooms according to different space and accessibility constraints. Hostel owners need to take into account that while they want to accommodate as many students as a room or dormitory can practically accommodate, students will not appreciate rooms that feel claustrophobic or cramped. 

  • Durability

Durable Hostels Bed

Given the fact that hostel rooms are going to be in heavy use by a large number of students over time spans ranging from some months to a few years, it is essential to have furniture for the hostel room that is sturdy and durable. Furniture that is strong and long lasting will be beneficial not just for the property owners but especially for students who would be the people who actually utilise them.

  • Cost

A hostel is, at the end of the day, a form of business. Hostel owners, therefore, need to also pay close attention to their budgets. The furniture that hostel owners purchase to outfit their rooms and dormitories with should be available at a reasonable price, or if a bulk purchase is made of, let’s say, bunk beds, tables and chairs, there should be an appropriate discount offered on the basis of sales volume. In other words, finding the best deal when purchasing hostel room furniture should be a priority for a hostel owner. 

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