Redefining Your Office Space

Spruce up Your Office with Premium Setup

Office is a home away from home. Having a dedicated workspace allows you to set all distractions at bay and focus on your work. Therefore, it is important that the workspace is adequately designed so that people are motivated. Here are some aspects including office furniture in Kolkata which will help you understand that office spaces are preferable than working from your home.

Reception Area/Concierge:

office reception area ideas

Many modern offices have modern amenities to ensure that they pass off a good first impression since that is key for anyone visiting or even the employees. Such spaces will come with modern waiting room chairs which are usually muted colors (we’ll come to this soon) and overall gives you a sense of peace.

At the same time, an office reception table also says a lot about the company. While a crammed table might reflect a messy picture, having proper reception table in place will not only help the person in-charge have they own space but also ensure that they can keep an eye on the things or people around them from their desk. This should be multi-functional so that anyone who is sitting at the desk does not feel crammed at the same time it should be able to emanate the essence of elegance and style.

At the same time if they have a tea/coffee vending machine and a water dispensing unit, you can check the right boxes for the company.


office colour combination

Even though we appreciate modern setting, you will seldom find an office which has very loud colors. Now this can be a grey area. Some prefer using bold colors to represent their brand, some use a neutral palette. Design elements and other room aesthetics including tables, chairs, lights, doors, indoor plants should also be planned as per the color scheme. Integrating company brand colors is also important. This will not only make your office stand out but also create an impact


office lounge design

Some companies are known for their lounge or multipurpose spaces. This is meant for people to chill, engage in chitchat, bring on their creative side, catch-up with someone. Such versatile office setting helps the modern office spaces function properly too and doesn’t bog down the employees to sit in front of the screen for hours.

Some companies also have activity area where there are games or proper gym equipment which encourages activeness among employees, and they can access it without having to worry about membership fees. Standing desks are also in where employees can stand as opposed to stay seated at their desk initiating some amount of activity.

Window Access:

office interior design

Let me ask this – how much time do you actually get to move from your seat and admire the view around your office? The artificial lights and confinement is something that we are all succumbing to the regular office spaces. However taking a cue from this many modern offices have adopted a design where people are exposed to light and outside views. This is not only necessary and healthy but creates a less mentally draining and better work environment.

Office Furniture:

office furniture design

One of the important things that really defines our workplace is the furniture. People get possessive about their chair and pedestal and are seen to give it they name tag so that it does not go missing.

Even if an office has minimal interior space, every inch counts when decorating it. Commercial office furniture needs to be on point if the company expects their workforce to maintain their game. So chairs need to be comfortable if a person is to spend 6-8 hours at their desk, the workstation needs to be clean, a soft board should be available to put up something important and motivating, pedestals should have enough space so that you can securely keep all your things… you get the idea.

Proper office chairs Kolkata are crucial especially now that people are spending more hours at their desk. It should have proper back support and handles and should be sturdy

Conference Rooms:

office conference room design

Meetings are inevitable be it in large groups or just two people. Having a conference room with a modern conference table not only makes it more professional but also lets you settle with your laptop, notepad and the office telephone so that you can take your call and take notes as required. More than a statement the room and table are a necessity and allows the people to feel comfortable while they work.

Floor Planning:

Most modern offices have the open floor policy. This not only makes the office space look huge but also holds the notion ‘less is more’ true. It makes it easier to get around the floor and encourages people to move more often. This kind of setting also encourages change when necessary, collaboration and goes easy on company’s pocket because few dividing walls need to be created.

You can include carpets and rugs both indoors and outdoors without creating any barrier. This will accentuate and liven up the space.

Wall Adoration:

office wall design ideas

Office walls need your attention too. Adding canvas prints can express the hearts and minds of the company. Alternatively, luxurious wall decors, ceiling chandeliers speak for themselves as it not only makes a great first impression but also shows enhanced taste and aesthetic sensibility. You can also include wallpaper which are available in different options which not only create a standout impression but can also be easily passed off as stylish wall art.

Because of the formal office setting, you need to ensure that whatever you include should be professional and contemporary at the same time. If that requires you to upgrade your current setting so that you can enhance your office image, then its worth it. All you need is to ensure that the addition adds a zing to your space and earns the deserved appreciation. Giving your creative ideas and executing them on office setting requires thorough planning and professional approach. A premium office setting is not only pleasing but also reflects vision, dedication and precision in accordance with your company values.

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